The rabbit’s eggs

More and more I hear requests for so called easter eggs, hidden, funny features on websites. We used to redirect Minimalissimo to whenever you typed the Konami code. I changed this feature: it now turns the minimal layout to a maximalissimo one. It uses the incredible code you can find on the website MOTHER EFFING TEXT-SHADOW when you click the ‘all the way’ button. This site was created by Paul Irish, a true easter egg apostle.
During his talk on the Fronteers 2010 conference Paul Irish asked for more lasers whenever people press the letter ‘L’. I always thought this site would be just perfect for this feature. Try it. (For best results you should use a modern browser like Safari, Opera, Firefox or IE9. There is a weird Chrome bug on Windows which renders only half of the creature, that’s not how it’s supposed to be).
Know more sites with easter eggs? Let me know.