Moar lasers

Lasers are the shit. All sharks have lasers, I’m sure you didn’t know that. Some of you might know that most women incorporate lasers but to most of you men it must come as a surprise. My loyal readers should know that the little creatures on this site are capable of shooting not just two but four lasers on command. But unfortunately most humans (well men anyways) don’t natively support lasers. Until today.
Today the evil geniuses Kilian Valkhof and Paul Chaplin, launched the Laser Eyes webservice which lets you add lasers to pictures you upload. Only robots who were sent from the future can create something like that! For this reason you will need a future proof browser (Firefox will do, Chrome will do but is very slow on Mac). I think this is the most incredible thing you will ever see. As far as I can tell the internet is finished.