Defiant dog

One of my favorite examples of truly nonsensical single page domains is, a website where the visitor can try to order a dog on a picture to sit by clicking on a button with the word ‘sit’ on it. You can click all you want but the dog won’t sit. The beauty of this web application lies in the fact that a button is used to give the dog the order. Buttons explicitly suggest than an action will occur when clicked.

Of course the title says enough, a defiant dog will probably not sit down when ordered to so there’s really no reason to click on the button. (The dog actually has a pretty good reason to be defiant, it is standing in the sea and it doesn’t want a wet butt.) Apart from that it is actually a picture of a dog we’re ordering to sit, that’s a very good reason to be disobedient too. But I still think that almost everybody clicks on the button, more than once even. We probably want or expect something to happen. After all it is the internet and we love surprises.

When you look at the source code of this page you will see that something actually happens when you click: every time you order the dog to sit down that action is recorded to an analytics program with a function named ‘human_says_sit’. I asked Ian Broyles, the creator of this website if he has any stats on this page. I’ll let you know if he does. He replied with this small post on his blog. 23 clicks per visit per minute! That’s hilarious!