I love nonsense

As a tribute to nonsense, this site is here to celebrate people with too much time on their hands. Or maybe to celebrate people with a different preception of time, people who don’t necessarily think that efficiency is a virtue. People who think that time wasted is time well spent. This site is for those of us who know that building a useless machine is not a waste of time. It’s for people who take the time to show us, in a well designed and accurate graph, the percentage of a pie-chart that resembles Pac-man. It is a tribute to reinventing the wheel while we know it already exists.

If you, like most dictionaries, think that nonsense is “foolish or unacceptable behavior” or “things of no importance or value” or even “an idea that is contrary to good sense” then most probably this site is not for you but feel free to come back every now and then. You might change your mind while reading the news some day.

It is not meant to be another linkdump weblog with funny movies. I, and hopefully more editors with me, will try to add an extra layer of nonsense to the nonsense we write about by taking our subject seriously. By analysing the nonsense. By trying to find the reason behind the nonsense. In other words: by wasting our time. And since you’re still reading: by wasting your time too.