The Greek Time Clock

When you ask somebody in Greece to wait, you don’t ask them to wait a minute, you ask them to wait two minutes. The interpretation of these two minutes in Greece is different than two minutes in, for instance, The Netherlands. In The Netherlands people are pretty strict about time. Two minutes will be exactly two minutes, or a bit less. In Greece on the other hand, two minutes can be anything from five seconds to two hours, or more. The perception of time in Greece is different. If you say you’ll meet at seven, nobody is really surprised if you show up at eight. I have to say, I enjoy time much more in Greece than here in The Netherlands. I want to enjoy time here as well.

I fixed it

So I created this Greek Time Clock. It shows you the exact time, give or take one hour. And it updates every two minutes.

If you want to use it as a continuous clock on your tablet, you might want to add this version of the clock to your home screen. It prevents some tablets from going to sleep.