Just the properties

I think Hay Kranen wondered if an entity is still an entity if you only show its properties. Even if I didn’t get it, I find his new project fascinating to look at. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my old Blackberry Playbook. So instead I use a redundant iPhone — with the iCab browser in kiosk mode — as an art frame.

I look at it every now and then. And then I see something like “This is a scientific journal”, and I think about what the journal could be about. I’ll never know. Another one was about someone who was born in Montreal. Would it be Mike? I haven’t seen him in 10 years. I recently found out that his old e-mail address doesn’t work anymore. When I meet Canadians I always ask them if they know this Guy from Canada called Mike.

And when I read this one — he died on 01-01-2005, he’s an art historian — I thought no he isn’t. This amuses me more than it should.

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