The Daily End Of Time

Yesterday I saw this tweet that mentioned the welcome news that the end of the world has been delayed by two days. It will now end on the 25th of September, instead of the 23rd. So with a bit of luck I can still teach my class on Friday. It depends a bit on the exact time and how long such an event takes.

The world has ended at least 165 times in the past 2000 years, according to this list of dates predicted for apocalyptic events. And it has been ending most regularly in the last 50 years or so. I had no idea the world was such a dangerous place to be on!

I thought it would be interesting to make the Daily End Of Time: a bot that tweets — and archives — about one of these catastrophic events. Every day it picks a random end date from the past or the future, and tweets how long ago the world ended. Or how long we still have. It adds a link to the person, or group, who predicted this particular apocalypse. Very interesting reading material. There are a few people who predicted more than one apocalypse! Harold_Camping for instance was very thorough. He predicted six eschatons. Just to be sure, I guess. You’ll also find some surprising names on this list. Isaac Newton for instance! He believed we still have some time. But he might be wrong, and in a few days we might see the world end yet another time.

With a bit of luck you’ll be able to see two or three more updates before the 25th of September though. I hope you enjoy it!