A take-a-break-bot

Last week I was working on a course with a colleague of mine. After a while he told me to take a break. He suggested me to play a game called Pause on my phone. I told him that instead of playing games during my break, I usually take a look at the ceiling. And when I looked up I realised that most ceilings in offices are rather dull. So I created the Ceiling Bot.

If you let it, that site will notify you every two hours that it is time to take a look at the ceiling. If you click on the notification you’ll see a new ceiling. Most of these ceilings are probably much more interesting that the one you see when you look up right now. Like this incredible glass dome. Or this chandelier. 10 minutes is probably not enough to see all the details in this ceiling of a mosque. Or this ceiling in a bar. It looks like in the past ceilings were much more important than they are today. Looks like we’re not very interested in looking up anymore.

If you like, you can follow the ceiling bot on Twitter as well.

One day I might create a back-to-work-bot that shows you a computer screen after the ten minute break is over.