Internets Nonsense

Random white images

More than 629 days ago I created a site called One Nothing A Day for an ex-colleague of mine who […]

A URL as a present

Yesterday I read about the art that Constant Dullaart makes. Many of his creations are actually websites, and if you […]

One Nothing a day

The most pleasant memories I have about the time that I was a freelance web developer are the memories of […]

Random nonsense

I’m working on some lengthy posts about nonsense and they take much more time than I expected – nonsense can […]


Legal disclaimers, long, hard to read documents in which lawyers say, with too many words, something like Ich Habe Es […]

Behavioral artgeting

A while ago I read a paper (why do they call a PDF a paper? Ghehehe) about cookies, behavioral targeting […]

Thirty thousand logos

There are over ten thousand lakes – bigger than ten acres (that’s 40,000 m², for people who don’t understand medieval […]

Moar lasers

Lasers are the shit. All sharks have lasers, I’m sure you didn’t know that. Some of you might know that […]

The rabbit’s eggs

More and more I hear requests for so called easter eggs, hidden, funny features on websites. We used to redirect […]

Shady URL

Most URL shortening services merely make your URLs boring. For example, becomes and turns into But […]