Spare time Nonsense

The bored, polite bot

A while ago I created this bot that fetches a work from the Drawings, Prints and Graphic Design Department of […]

A take-a-break-bot

Last week I was working on a course with a colleague of mine. After a while he told me to […]

It was 13:37 everywhere

I created a new bot. Twenty four times a day, at 37 minutes past the hour it tweets a location […]

The Daily Synonym

A few days ago I created this rather slow animation of the word minimalist and its synonyms. As you can […]

Random words

Computers are pretty good at generating random numbers. This fact can be used to generate things like logo’s for us. […]

Train masonry

A few weeks ago I saw this image of train doors that were closed by a brick wall. I grinned […]

The Greek Time Clock

When you ask somebody in Greece to wait, you don’t ask them to wait a minute, you ask them to […]

Random white images

More than 629 days ago I created a site called One Nothing A Day for an ex-colleague of mine who […]

A URL as a present

Yesterday I read about the art that Constant Dullaart makes. Many of his creations are actually websites, and if you […]

Rijks Vasilis

Behind every QR-code is a picture of a wonderful work of art. That’s what my five year old daughter thought […]