Spare time Nonsense

One Nothing a day

The most pleasant memories I have about the time that I was a freelance web developer are the memories of […]

What pasta should look like

Yes, I do love nonsense but some things are just too absurd, they get in my way. In these rare […]

Thirty thousand logos

There are over ten thousand lakes – bigger than ten acres (that’s 40,000 m², for people who don’t understand medieval […]

The rabbit’s eggs

More and more I hear requests for so called easter eggs, hidden, funny features on websites. We used to redirect […]

Galileo and a bully in a dress

You would expect that 400 years after somebody rediscovered that the earth is not the center of the universe everybody […]

Finding nonsense in Happy Street

On May the third I tweeted an opinion about the Dutch Pavilion on the Shanghai 2010 Expo. The opinion was […]

Yes, it all fits

All kitchen necessities tucked to one wall and everything fits exactly. This is the ultimate efficiency, the ultimate minimalism in […]

One issue sites

A clear trend on the interwebs is the rise of one issue sites. You have the simple single page sites […]

Art on maps

I’ve always been a fan of On Kawara, the artist who meticulously registered every part of his life that can […]

Problem solving

Many designers and engineers suffer from it: solving a non-existent problem by adding an extra problem. I found a nice […]