January, 2010 Nonsense

Windows 3.1 Online

The main co-author of this weblog might reason that the use of any Microsoft product is always absurd. What’s even […]

Problem solving

Many designers and engineers suffer from it: solving a non-existent problem by adding an extra problem. I found a nice […]

I hate snow…

…if I have to leave the house. But I do like the things that people do with it. Yes, they […]

Mad Calculator

Cyriak “mutated monty” Harris is a wonderful animator, best known for his 2006 animation mix. But mutated monty brings more […]

A handy box

A friend of mine just bought an Itazura Coin Bank, a completely useless box with a mechanical cat in it. […]

A well executed nonsensical prank.

The city is building a new metro in Amsterdam. Things are not exactly going as planned, one of the problems […]

Useful nonsense #01

When you hover your mouse over the header of this page (or this article’s header, or a link), you might […]

Defiant dog

One of my favorite examples of truly nonsensical single page domains is defiantdog.com, a website where the visitor can try […]

I love nonsense

As a tribute to nonsense, this site is here to celebrate people with too much time on their hands. Or […]

Hello world!

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