February, 2010 Nonsense

Loose women, germans and fishermen.

With their street view option Google added an incredible feature to their maps application. When you’re heading into unknown territory […]

Shady URL

Most URL shortening services merely make your URLs boring. For example, http://www.facebook.com/ becomes http://tinyurl.com/4t993 and http://twitter.com/lovenonsense turns into http://bit.ly/bg6JpN. But […]

Yes, it all fits

All kitchen necessities tucked to one wall and everything fits exactly. This is the ultimate efficiency, the ultimate minimalism in […]

What Your Internet Is Made Of

This post does not quite belong on a site about nonsense, because it adequately explains a phenomenon we use most […]

One issue sites

A clear trend on the interwebs is the rise of one issue sites. You have the simple single page sites […]

Art on maps

I’ve always been a fan of On Kawara, the artist who meticulously registered every part of his life that can […]